Helping Churches of all sizes reach 
their community online.

Trusted by ministries you love and funded by businesses you know.

Designed for churches over 250 in attendance looking to grow their online reach through professional graphic design, social media strategy, and a dedicated Remote Communications Director.  


Our Story

Our company is based out of North Texas (Sherman, Texas) and we love to give jobs to co-vocational ministry staff worldwide. Together we are empowering them to work remotely and better serve their congregations. 

4Church serves churches that believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We reserve the right to refuse services to any church that does not believe in salvation by grace and through faith in Jesus Christ.

Nathan and a group of college friends started Faithson Devotional to encourage pastors in 2009.

In 2016 we made a large investment with the help of an executive at a large church media company called Right Now Media in our effort of helping churches reach their community online. This investment was key to building our own Content Management Software and offering our services at such an affordable rate. 

In 2023 we rebranded as 4Church, a non-profit to match our vision of becoming a church planting network funded by website subscriptions. 

We have been a preferred website vendor through the Southern Baptist Convention since 2017.