Your Testimony 


Everyone has a unique story, and sharing it can have a tremendous impact on the lives of others.

Your story has the power to change someone’s life, to offer them hope and encouragement, and to lead them to Christ. 

But why is telling your story so important? 

We will explore the significance of your testimony and offer a helpful guide to writing it out so that you can share it with others.

Part One 

“My Life Before Jesus Saved Me”

Your story starts with your life before you met Christ.

This section should give the reader a glimpse into your geographical and
social situation, your family, and the role that church or the Bible played in your life. 

You can also touch on the positive or negative experiences you had with Christians and highlight
the most significant people or events in your life.

Finally, you can ponder where life would have taken you if you had never
turned to Christ.

Part Two  

“How I Became Aware of My Need for Jesus”

In this section, you will describe how you became aware of your need for a savior.

You can explore where your information about Jesus originated and how it was delivered to you.

It is essential to identify the person or event that played a significant role in your discovery of your sinfulness and need for salvation.

Finally, you can share what “turned the light on” for you and what made the message of Christ sound like Good News.

Part Three

“How I Became a Christian”

This section is the heart of your story.

Here, you will describe the defining moment when you knew that Jesus was your Lord and Savior.

You can highlight the role that a scripture played in your decision and how you were aware of the Holy Spirit drawing you to Christ.

It is essential to describe your faith moment – the moment when you said “yes” to Jesus’ invitation. Finally, you can share how you felt during this process.

Part Four

 “My Life Since Jesus Saved Me”

In this section, you will share your life after meeting Christ.

You can start by highlighting your first impressions, the joy, the peace, and the hope in your heart.

You can also discuss some of the frustrations and growing pains you experienced and relate some of your most significant experiences with Christ.

Finally, you can describe your life as a disciple of Jesus, drawing into your story involvement with the church, personal prayer, and fulfilling ministries.

You can also explain your sense of purpose and meaning that is founded on your life with Christ.

Activity: RolePlay Sharing the Gospel with Your Testimony.

This activity will help the disciple practice sharing their faith:

• Preparation: Encourage the disciple to prepare a brief outline
of their personal testimony, after completing the How to Write
A Testimony in the Student Guide, focusing on who they were
before Christ, how they met Christ, and the changes after
accepting Christ.

• Role-play: Act as a non-believer or a person interested in Christianity.
Allow the disciple to guide the conversation, sharing their
story, asking about your story, and sharing God’s story.
• Feedback and Discussion: Provide constructive feedback on
their approach, the clarity of their testimony, and their presentation of the Gospel.
Discuss how they felt during the exercise and areas they could work on.

Reflection: Reflect on personal experiences in sharing faith.
Discuss any fears, barriers, and successes. Encourage the disciple to set goals
and create a plan to share their faith more actively in their everyday

Closing: End the session with prayer, asking God for opportunities to share the gospel, for wisdom to speak effectively, and for the courage to share honestly and authentically.

Remember, sharing faith is a process, and it’s okay to learn and grow
in this practice. Encourage the disciple to rely on the Holy Spirit’s
guidance and to remember that the outcome is in God’s hands.