Called to plant?

Our purpose is to make the runway for church planting a little bit longer.  We plan on equipping church plants with free-to-use facilities and resources in addition to offsetting their payroll expenses by providing a salary for the church planter.

Each location will be staffed with a worship pastor and a family pastor who will work across the church-planting network - Allowing each church planter to focus on ministry and less on the logistical nightmares of church planting. 

4 Church currently offers Church communications grants for up to 5 years, nearly $20,000 in value.

Our proof of concept is planned to break ground in late 2027 near the Houston Area, but we hope to have facilities in major cities around the US. Our flagship location is estimated to cost over 3 million dollars, and with your donations, we know it is possible. 

We use our small profit margins from our communications software and donations from other churches, networks, and associations to fund our church-planting efforts.

Although we seek partnerships with third parties to make our vision a reality, 4Church plants are fully autonomous Bible-believing churches that teach salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ. 

Proposed Future Facility

Co-Working Space

Our goal is to create a hub in the community. This will include reaching business leaders looking for flexible office space. 4 Church will charge a small monthly membership fee for small businesses to operate out of and host a PO box at their location. Conference rooms and offices will be available to rent and will also be used to host community bible studies throughout the week from our church planters.

Church Plant Use

All operations will be closed on Sundays to host church plants. Churches will have 3-5 years at our location free of charge and may be used by more than one church at a time depending on first come first serve availability. Church planters must be approved planters through a reputable church planting partner such as Acts 29, NAMB, or ARC.


We will seek out community daycare programs and local coffee shops that will rent the facility throughout the week. The facility will also be able to cover overhead through the rental of weddings, parties, and community gatherings.